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Sh*t Socks for Shots

Get a shot of Fireball whisky in exchange for an unwanted pair of Father’s Day socks

By Time Out in association with Fireball Cinnamon Whisky

Dads get a raw deal much of the time. Their punny jokes get looked down upon. They’re always being asked if “we’re there yet” or “can I have the iPad?”. Recreational time with mates is strictly limited. Even the one day a year when they’re supposed to be lavished with favours and gifts, more often than not the Father’s Day prezzie they are given is... a pair of shit socks.

Socks – is there anything more depressingly functional and cliché to receive on Father’s Day? (OK, possibly aftershave. If it’s bought from the chemist.) So it’s no wonder that Fireball decided to come to the rescue of the under-rewarded dads of Sydney and offer to exchange pairs of unwanted Father’s Day socks with something that many dads would gladly receive – a shot of delicious Fireball Cinnamon Whisky.  

You can get your shot at a number of bars around town – namely Surly’s, Down N’Out, Kelly's Newtown, Websters Bar and the Fiddler – for the entire week of September 1-7. Just look for the branded Firebins where you can dump the shit socks and in return receive your shot of Fireball.

Now obviously we aren’t recommending that dads booze it up on Father’s Day. We’re advocating responsible drinking here. But if there’s one day of the year a dad deserves a little drinky it’s the first Sunday in September, amirite? 

In fact, we fully expect a similar promotion when Mother’s Day comes around next May. Maybe mums will get to swap their shit supermarket-bought flowers for a shot of the good stuff. 

Oh, and we almost forgot: Fireball have promised to turn all the unwanted shit socks they’re collecting into dog toys and chews and donate them to local dog shelters. So please, instead of selfishly hanging onto your socks this Father’s Day, think of the poor puppies.

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