St Patrick's Day at The Wild Rover

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St Patrick's Day at The Wild Rover

Celebrate St Patrick's Day at our favourite Irish whiskey bar

No matter what inconvenient work day St Patrick's Day falls on, you can be sure that the Wild Rover will be celebrating with a full Irish theme. This year the hidden Surry Hills cocktail bar will once again be swinging opening its doors for a tasty, boozy line-up of freshly shucked $1 oysters, hot potatoes with Guinness gravy and a cocktail menu heavy on the Irish whiskey. The compact size of the venue is a good enough reason to get in early, but five-dollar Guinness and Jameson before 6pm certainly doesn't hurt. And if you time it right you might be able to squeeze in upstairs where Australia's Jameson Ambassador, Kate Moran, will be manning the Sine Metu (without fear) bar with a slew of guest bartenders from doors at 2pm until 6pm.


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