Time Out Shout: The Forresters' 6th Birthday

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Photograph: Supplied

The beers are on us as we celebrate six years since the Forries' landmark relaunch

The Forresters Hotel has been a big part of Surry Hills life for many decades, but it wasn't until 2012 that the venerable old pub turned a major corner. They hung those wagon-wheel chandeliers, zhuzhed up the upstairs room, and injected a strong dose of Italian DNA to come up with the good-times venue that we now all know and love. Man, was it really six years ago? The time has zoomed by in a rush of craft beers, pizza, pasta, trivia and live jazz. 

To celebrate the birthday, Time Out is hosting a Time Out Shout, putting on a keg of free beer for all comers. The free ones start at 7pm and will keep pouring until the keg's empty. See you there!

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