Vivid Live Soft Future Piano Bar

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Soft Piano Bar Founders on Opera House stairs
Photograph: Zak Kaczmarek

The Goodgod founders bring a sustainable pop-up bar to the O-House for Vivid

They fostered one of Sydney's favourite nightspots, built a super club within the Opera House, and now Jim Singline (or Jimmy Sing) and Hana Shimada are using their mad party skills to create the Soft Future Piano Bar. 

The pair is poised to take over the northern foyer of the Sydney Opera House's Concert Hall with a totally sustainable bar and break away spot. 

It’s set to be furnished with up cycled furniture; all food wasted will be composted naturally; low intervention wines with be dispensed on tap; and snacks will be served in reusable vessels.

As with all their other ventures, music will be a integral part of the bar, with a selection of special surprise guest performers set to pop in to work their magic on moogs, korgs and analogue synths. For the remainder of the time the bar will be soundtracked by ambient house and long-form jazz beats. 

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