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Black Star Pastry have a secret to share

Written by
Freya Herring

Black Star Pastry are known for their quality, and a big part of that comes down to the ingredients that go into their marvellous cakes and creations. They pride themselves on using top quality brands like Valrhona in their chocolate cakes, for example. In fact, owner and chef Chris Thé tailors each cake to the chocolate he selects so that the ingredients are allowed to shine. 

But even more essential to the cake business than chocolate is butter, which is why as of Saturday June 4, all of Black Star's croissants, cinnamon scrolls and Danish pastries will be made with Sydney’s own Pepe Saya butter.

Because the butter is fermented, it’s got a stronger flavour and in theory it’s healthier too. But we're not tearing apart that flaky, buttery pastry for health reasons - this is all about the joy that comes from perfectly executed baking.

It's only fair that prices are going up a bit as a result of transitioning to a more expensive butter, but trust us, when you try them you’ll understand why Black Star decided to step up their butter game. We can guarantee that they are truly goddamn delicious croissants.

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