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For one night only: Mary's Burgers are coming to Surry Hills
Written by
Alyx Gorman

Imagine, for a moment, the worst burger you've ever tasted. What's wrong with it? Is the cheese plastic and under-melted? Is the patty over-cooked? Is the mayo more like petroleum than something that was laid by a hen? 

Mary's are making that burger a reality. Why? To highlight the worst case scenario when it comes to food safety, the creation where no germs could possibly live, but neither could nutrients or flavour. While they won't be selling this 'Dystopia' burger, they will be inviting you to come and have a peek that bleak future. And, to clear your mouth out, they'll be dishing up their beloved Mary's Burgers and Mushroom Burgers, at the Belvoir St Theatre in Surry Hills on Monday August 15.

This is all in aid of our first ever Time Out Talk 'Is the nanny state taking the taste from our restaurants?

Mary's won't just be serving up burgers. Their co-founder Jake Smyth will be joining this panel discussion, sharing his experience with the recent enforcement of legislation around the cooking temperature of burgers

For $35, you can get your hands on a Mary's burger of your choice, a ticket to the Time Out Talk, and a beer to wash it all down with. Or, if you'd like to attend the talk then decide whether to get a burger on the night, tickets are $20. 

Doors open at 6.30pm, for a 7pm talk. Burgers will be available straight after the talk. 

Read more information about the talk, and Jake's co-panellists right here, or to buy tickets, visit Belvoir's website here.

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