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How would you solve Sydney's pigeon problem?

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Time Out editors

A lot of Sydneysiders really hate pigeons. We mean really

They might not steal your chips with quite the same aggression as seagulls, but pigeons are no picnic (especially when you're having a picnic). They are after all, disease carriers, and their poo has been known to corrode buildings. For some, pigeon’s are Sydney’s dirtiest little creeps.

At least, that’s the feeling we got when we saw Sydney’s Reddit community pondering the following problem: “You're put in charge of eradicating pigeons from Greater Sydney - how do you achieve this?

While some of the suggestions were a little alarming, we have to admit, a few are deviously ingenious:






And, because we’re so inspired by their suggestions, we’ve got a few of our own to add:

1. Fill Cockatoo Island with breadcrumbs, rename it ‘Pigeon Island’ and reimagine the former prison as a penal colony for non-native birds.

2. Open a very trendy bar, just for pigeons, and only put one staff member behind the till. Then, enjoy weeks of blissful calm as the pigeons wait frustrated in the world’s longest drinks queue.

3. Point out to the pigeons that they’ll have way more opportunities to work in the creative field of their choice, and meet the love of their lives, in London or New York.

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