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It's official! NSW Parliament ban greyhound racing over night

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News arrived just over a month ago that greyhound racing was to be banned in NSW. Overnight the bill was passed in Parliament which officiated the legislation. The bill bans the sport and an administrator will be appointed to assist in winding up the industry – including supporting racing families. Despite this, the RSPCA and various animal shelters (including specialty greyhound ones) will be inundated with dogs over the next few months.

So what can you do to help out? Well, if you've ever considered adopting a greyhound now is the perfect time.

Much to people's surprise greyhounds are actually very docile dogs. They are sight dogs – who chase only if baited/prompted (hence the dismal practice of live baiting) – so if if there's nothing to chase after, they are more than happy just lazing around. This makes them excellent pets as they only require around 20 minutes walking 3-7 times a week. When back inside they are happy to just chill out, lie down and look super cute. In fact, unlike other large dogs they don't even require a large backyard and are suited to apartment living, as long as they are walked. They are also very affectionate and loyal to their owners and shed very minimally making them extremely easy to care for. Also those muzzles they wear – this isn't because they are aggressive, but because they have very thin skin which is prone to getting cuts.

Fast facts
Lifespan: On average the pups live for about 10-12 years, however if you're adopting they may already be 3-4 years old.

Approximate cost per year: minimum $1000 which includes annual health checks, flea treatments, food, grooming and treats however excludes major veterinary bills. 

Where can I get one? Keep your eyes on Greyhound Rescue NSW for more updates on meet and greet dates, in which you can go down, meet the dogs and ask any questions you may have.