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Kevin Hart might not be voting for Donald Trump after all
Written by
Nick Dent

Last year, comedian Kevin Hart was seemingly pro-Trump, praising the now-presumptive GOP candidate for “following a dream” and for the fact “he actually put a campaign together”.

Overnight, Time Out Australia spoke with Hart, who was in London spruiking the new animated film The Secret Life of Pets, and asked how he felt about the Republican front runner now.

“I’m not a political guy. I’m not into that cup of tea,” Hart replied. “I’m just a person that loves people. I love people of all shapes and sizes. So anybody who doesn’t support that is kind of tough to sit with me.”

Hart’s comments come in the wake of Donald Trump’s statements that the United States had become a “dumping ground” for Mexico’s “criminals, drug dealers, rapists, etc”, and his call to ban all Muslims from entering America.

Hart, 36, is the epitome of an American self-made man, having become a comedy mega star who sells out entire football fields. His earlier statement “taking his hat off” to Trump was during an October interview on New York’s Woodman in the Morning radio show.

The comedian is starring in three upcoming films distributed in Australia by Universal. In Central Intelligence (released June 30) he teams with Dwayne Johnson as an accountant who discovers his bullied, overweight friend from high school is now a super-fit CIA agent. Kevin Hart: What Now? (October 27) is a stand-up movie filmed live in front of 53,000 people.

In The Secret Life of Pets, he takes on the voice of a psychopathic bunny. “Snowball is a complex individual,” Hart said. “He’s a guy that now has a passion about starting a revolution for pets who have been through the same thing he’s been through – being a pet that was once loved, then left. He wants to get back at humans.”

The Secret Life of Pets releases on September 8.

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