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Ladies and gentlemen, meet the Croitzel

Freya Herring

So you like pretzels right? And croissants, I mean who are we kidding, you love them too, obviously. And now, Sydney, the two have married and made a baby. And that baby is called the Croitzel.

Sure, it’s not the cutest name for a newborn. But this kid packs a punch and you most definitely do not want to fuck with it.

The guys behind the Croitzel? It’s those sneaky peeps over at In The Annex in Forest Lodge. They’re not calling it The Croitzel yet, they’re just calling them plain old Pretzel Croissants. Give them time people…

So how does it taste? Kind of exactly like you imagine it to taste, and that’s why it’s amazing. It’s a classic croissant dough – all buttery, sweet and finely laminated – but thanks to its salty, sesame-studded pretzel coating, it hits that sweet spot like nothing else. We’re talking fat, sugar and salt in perfect balance – that’s the American Dream right there.

They’re currently selling for $5 at In the Annex, so get down there sharpish so you don’t miss out. Because if there’s one thing we know about Sydney trends – cruffins, cronuts, ramen burgers – folk love to blend a trend. Goddamn it, the Croitzel might just take over the world…

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