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Nine things we learned at Splendour in the Grass, Day Three

Alyx Gorman

1. If you think your Sunday afternoon might be improved by some melodic electronic music with a pure-voiced female vocalist and a slightly kitschy twist, a) you're not wrong and b) you should check out Melburnian musician Sui Zhen. She started with a crowd of zero at her Splendour set, and by the end of her second third song, the Tiny Dancer tent was more than half full of punters drawn to her beguiling voice and catchy tunes. 

2. Mary's burgers in the Gold Bar tasted just as good (and in context, even better) than they do back home. Which is good news for us, since they're catering our next event.

3. Speaking of things that can improve a Sunday afternoon, Byron locals the 4'20 Sound put on a pretty entertaining set (complete with extremely enthusiastic accompanying dancers) even if you do not partake in the herb. 

4. Courtney Barnett's presence, and her ability to shred, expands to fill the space she's in. And in return, the crowd somehow manage to sing along to her bloody complex lyrics. Hearing a sea of people mostly nail the lyrics to 'Elevator Operator' is one hell of a buzz.

5. Wil Anderson can and will kill a whole six pack while running his show half an hour overtime, to a crowd that was more wrapped than patient. Their reward? Hearing an "unrecordable" and "hypothetical" story about the time the comedian rubbed his testicles all over the suit of a prominent conservative commentator.

6. Those machines that shoot jets of smoke into the air on stage? They're really bloody loud. Like, alarmingly loud.

7. If James Blake doesn't make you cry, you're not capable of feeling. His voice floated and warped around the amphitheatre while his moody light show flashed, and seeped into our hearts just as surely as the ground sapped heat from our feet. 

8. Throughout the weekend, large groups have been randomly breaking into sections of Bruce Channel's 'Hey Baby'. We cannot explain it. Nor can we condone it. 

9. The site of 30,000 people descending on one spot to listen to Flume and friends (including Remi, Vera Blue and Ngaiire) is pretty epic.

If you missed out on the festival, or can't get enough of the acts, check out the Splendour sideshows on this week. 

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