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Seven songs to play now the sun is out

Written by
Time Out editors

Stop the press. It's not fucking raining anymore

If there is one thing that Sydneysiders love more than complaining about bad weather, it's smugly celebrating good weather. In light of this truth, we thought we'd soundtrack said smugness. Load them into your ghetto blaster and prance around in the sunshine, because the weather forecast is pretty much ALL CLEAR, from here until late Monday.

1. When the first patch of blue sky peeks through.

2. When you reflect on what the weather gods have done to you.

3. When you're just really grateful that it's not raining anymore.

4. When you head to the clifftops to perform interpretive dances in tribute to nature's awesome power.

5. When you pull your swimmers on under your clothes in anticipation.

6. When it really starts to warm up.

7. And finally, we hope we don't have to sing this one any time soon.

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