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This light-up playground will be like indoor Vivid

Emma Joyce

Sydney’s Powerhouse Museum has announced a mega exhibition for summer that fuses technology, art and play. Think giant illuminated musical balls, digital graffiti and a Gen Z reimagining of the playground classic hopscotch.

The interactive exhibition is by Japanese art collective teamLab, who’ve created colourful and responsive artworks all over the world – including a digital cherry blossom forest, a light waterfall and a sprouting fruit field slide.

People at a digital light show
Graffiti Nature by teamLab
Photograph: Yoko Kuwabara (チームラボキッズ)

The exhibition is called Learn & Play! teamLab Future Park – and though the images suggest it’s made for kids the Museum says it’s for ‘young and old alike’. There’ll be eight installations in total, including the Light Ball Orchestra, which will produce an ever-changing symphony as visitors interact with the neon spheres.

In Graffiti Nature, you’ll watch as a colourful natural world grows around you. At Sketch Town visitors can create their own city with imaginative drawings of new-age transport, buildings and playgrounds. And in Hopscotch for Geniuses, you can skip and jump your way on moving shapes and images.

The exhibition will be ticketed, but there’ll be plenty of time to enjoy it as the Future Park will be open until April 30, 2018.

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