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Triple J is looking for its new Movie Guy/Girl

Nick Dent

For 11 years, Marc Fennell has been delivering insightful, funny, radio-friendly movie reviews as Triple J's That Movie Guy. 

It's been among his many gigs as a multitalented media professional: Fennell also presents cult movies on on SBS Viceland, appears on SBS Viceland show The Feed, and presents Download This Show on ABC Radio National. 

Now he's moving on from the Triple J role (during which, we're told, he has given out 2,352 stars and rates Toy Story 3 as the best film he has reviewed), which leaves a very exciting opening for the right young movie critic/pop culture nerd.

To win the job, which involves reviews of movies, TV shows, streaming situations et al, you have to go to the Triple J website and choose one of the films Marc has selected and record your review of no more than 2 mins 30 secs duration. You need to include your voice, music and special effects.

"I walked into Triple J when I was 20 and the fact that they haven't fired me in the last decade has been both an absolute shock and probably a testament to how cheap I am to employ," says Fennell on his Blog

"Right now, Triple J is hunting for someone who will – I personally hope – rip up the sound and format that I created for myself. You should absolutely go apply. Be that person who decides the way we *should* be talking about movies and TV in 2017. Make it your own. Make it awesome." 

If you win the job you'll be paid $250 per weekly review. Yep, that's right, paid human dollars to do reviewing, just like back in the journalistic stone ages! Good luck filling Fennell's big shoes – and we are watching Marc's next move with interest.

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