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What does your beer say about you?
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Emma Joyce

Which 'burb consumes the most craft beer in Sydney? It's not where you think

According to a new survey most Aussies are opting for locally crafted brews over regular beer, which is refreshing news. But what else can we learn? Turns out that a few local stereotypes come in handy when analysing the findings., an Australian mobile payment app who carried out a survey of beer purchases from their 55,000 customers nationwide, found that 45 per cent of beer bought is of the craft variety, followed by regular beer at 40 per cent. So which ’burb consumes the most craft brews in Sydney? It’s not where you think.

63% of drinkers in Balmain opt for craft beer

Top of the list for craft beer consumption is Balmain, where drinkers opt for craft 63 times in every hundred. Surry Hills (62 per cent) and Newtown (55 per cent) follow just behind. Tattoos and beards do not always equal a cold bottle of Feral, my friend. In fact, drinkers in Marrickville have more in common with revellers in Manly; both suburbs prefer to buy regular beer over craft (57 and 54 per cent respectively).

It will come as no surprise that beach dwellers are keen to keep the beer belly at bay. Nineteen per cent of drinkers in Coogee choose ‘special diets’ beer – higher than any other suburb’s stats by 10 per cent. Marrickville drinkers care not about calories (0 per cent opted for special diets).

19% of drinkers in Coogee choose 'special diets'

If you like cider you should hang out in Balmain and Neutral Bay. Those guys lap up the golden fruity liquid more than any other area, making up for 12 per cent off all purchases. Don’t go to North Sydney, you won’t make any friends there, cider makes up only two per cent of sales.

So how do we rank on a national level? Is Sydney leading the charge for locally crafted brews? No quite. Melbourne’s drinkers are the most crafty (55 per cent) we come in third, behind Perth. But, Newtown’s Young Henrys brewery is absolutely killing it: they’ve made it into the top five list of craft beers bought nationally, behind James Squire, Stone & Wood, Little Creatures and Feral. They came third on the list in Sydney.

As far as regular brews go, in Sydney the most popular brand is Coopers. (We're looking at you, Marrickville). Hahn, Carlton Draught, Pure Blonde and Peroni sit closely behind. Whether your go-to is a Coopers Pale Ale or a growler of the Newtowner, we raise our glasses to you.

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