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Your favourite burger joint is opening a second eatery today

Freya Herring

We’ve long been fans of Pub Life Kitchen, Utlimo’s ultimate burger joint. We not only love their epic burgers, but we’re all about their Wednesday Burger Experiments, where caution is thrown to the wind and they mix up their burgers to an insane degree: think hot cross buns with prawns, and chorizo patties with harissa mayo. We told you: insane.

So you can imagine our excitement to hear that they’re now opening a second venue, this time at the Ruby L’otel in Rozelle. There will be burgers, including our pick, the ‘OG’ which features a salt-aged patty with American cheese, pickles, lettuce, tomato and PLK aioli. But we’re also pretty stoked that they’re doing a burger exclusive to Rozelle. It’s called the ‘Don Ruby’ and it’s all about that patty, with the usual cheese and pickles, but this time it’s drenched with black garlic and truffle aioli.

There is also bistro food on offer, like beef cheeks with Serrano ham and truffled pomme purée, a pie of the day and even a steak if you like your meat unadulterated. But who are we fooling? You’re here for burgers, let’s be real. The Burger Experiment will be on Fridays, so you can eat your filthy burger and drink all the beer safe in the knowledge that tomorrow you can recover in bed.

Rozelle… get ready.

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