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Meet the crew: One Day

Time Out chats to Adit, Raph and Joyride, aka the party starters with the strongest personal Sydney brands we've ever seen

Written by
Jordi Kretchmer

For anyone not already familiar with One Day, who are you?
Adit: We're a group of friends that started as a crew of various rap groups. We make music and we throw parties.

Joyride: We're pretty good at both.

Why did it start?
Adit: It started because like all humans we're highly social animals. We like to do things together and we are stronger for it. We like doing those things with like minded people. We're all boys from way back. For example, our album Mainline came about literally because we all wanted to tour together cos it'd be fun, and we thought having some more songs to perform would be a good idea. A lit convo or two may have also contributed. We all want to make our mark, and this is yet another vehicle for us to do so.
Joyride: As anthropological as our exploits may seem, we are also driven by the idea of legacy. We have a shared vision of what our impact on wider society can be, and it manifests itself in our parties, music and respective personal brands.

What's your end goal when you're organising an event/party?
Adit: Maximise dancing subject to budget constraint.

What most excites you about changing things up from the One Day parties to One Day Only?
Adit: Controlling the music at a party is one of the best ways of ensuring a good time. One of us will try to do this at any event you may find us at, whether it's a house party, kick on, or even someone else's DJ gig. One Day Only is a realisation of this at the festival level. It's also an incredibly humbling feeling bringing so many artists and DJs that we love together in one place.

Describe a One Day party in three words...
Adit: Mind expanding turn.
Joyride: What Adit said.

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