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The Sash crowd dances on the outdoor dancefloor at Sydney's Greenwood Hotel
Gui JorgeSash by day

Meet the crew: Sash

Time Out meets the guys behind Sydney's long standing techno party

Written by
Jordi Kretchmer
So guys, when and why did you start the SASH parties? 
We kicked off in May, 2011. We (Matt and Kerry) started SASH because we used to love going to Sounds On Sunday, which was an institution through the 2000s. I [Matt] played some of my first gigs there, and when it shut down, the Sunday afternoon vibe was lost on our city.  We decided that we should bring it back, which was the beginning of what we do now.
You've had a lot of different homes and have most recently settled into Home Nightclub. What do you like most about this location? 
Unlike the three venues before – which had been outdoor venues, or had a large terrace – Home doesn't.  But what Home lacks in outdoor space, it well and truly makes up for in inside. It has helped our event grow to numbers we never would have been able to do elsewhere. Our birthday back in April saw us have over 2500 people come through the doors and that certainly couldn't have happened elsewhere. Soon, we'll also be be bringing the day aspect with a new pre party in the coming weeks, but that's another chapter to write!
Describe a night out at SASH in three words? Get in it
List 3-4 tracks that would typically get a spin at a SASH party? 
Bicep - Rise
Loquace - To Eric (Dachshund remix)
Dubphone - Otrava Minunata (Archie Hamilton remix)
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