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Photograph: Kenny Smith

Ready yourself for some tropi-cool rhythms

After first exploding on the the airwaves in 2014 , Paces’ has been dropping feel-good summer jams left right and centre. After months of finessing his tropical sound the Brisbanian producer has finally unleashed Vacation –  an album filled with glitchy synths and satisfying bass drops that puts him front and centre of the Aussie electronic scene. It features vocal talent as polarising as electronic darling and Flume collaborator KUČKA right through to the radio-ready pop toplines of Guy Sebastian. We had a chat with the self-described ‘swag wave’ producer ahead of his Sydney show at Oxford Arts Factory this May to find out what we can expect from the show.

Hey Paces, congrats on the new album! How does it feel to have it out?

Thanks! It’s such a relief. I pretty much worked on it for six months, doing nothing but making the album so it was really satisfying to finally have it out there in the world.

How have you been preparing for your tour next month?

I’ve been writing a bunch of bootlegs and remixes to add to the set. I wanna play a lot of album tracks, a few of my old favourites and then a bunch of stuff that people haven’t heard before. Then I’ll have to figure out how to play everything live.

When it comes to your live show what have you got lined up for us?

I’ll have some singers and a full visual show by my friend and visual artist Ego. I’ll also have dancers for each show, so it should be super fun.

Everyone who’s been to your shows talks about how good your vibe is, what do you think makes that come across?

That’s super flattering! I’m really thankful for everyone who’s said that. I guess live shows are all about [having] fun. I really try to talk to the crowd and get everyone involved, [make it] feel like a house-party, you know.

And lastly, what makes you feel like you’re in ‘God Mode’?

Haha, well…'God Mode’ isn’t really a mode I ever get into. But a good friend of mine, whenever he gets high,  he puts eye drops in and walks around thinking that nobody can tell, and he calls it ‘God Mode’. What a pioneer. As soon as I heard it I was on the ground laughing and just remember thinking ‘I have to name a song after this’.

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