Purple Sneakers

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Purple Sneakers

Sydney's favourite indie party returns for a night

If you were between the ages of 18 (or 17, winky face) to 25 in the years 2006-2009, there's a good chance you would've gotten your kicks at Purple Sneakers. The much loved party took over the Abercrombie (then the Lord Gladdy) every Friday night in the peak mid-to-late noughties, giving young Sydneysiders a place to dance, hear new music, see great bands and just run amok. Now to celebrate ten years Purple Sneakers will be hosting a party at the Lord Gladstone (which will also coincide with the relaunch of the Purple Sneakers blog and some nostalgic mixtapes to match) that will see some of Sydney's favourite DJs and party crews hit the decks to party like it's 2006. 

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