The Naughty Noughties

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The Naughty Noughties

It's time for an evening of nostalgic hip hop

The Naughty Noughties celebrates the memorable era in hip-hop where du-rags and baggy jeans reigned supreme, while Nelly, Ja Rule, 50 Cent and the ilk ruled the airwaves. The night’s resident DJ is Nes, a versatile selector who has held residencies at Hugo’s Lounge and Kit and Kaboodle. The parties are hosted by infamous Asian fashion blogger 24 Karat Kev. With the first edition hitting the Cliff Dive last December, punters were transported to the 2000s with a host of nostalgic bangers and ‘Butterfly’ by Crazy Town being dropped three times, when it really should have been at least seven.


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