Dragon Friends

Comedy, Improv
Dragon Friends 2016 cast shot feat Edan B Lacy instead of Ben Jenkins

Time Out says

The time for adventure (and live D&D comedy) is now!

Think you know your dungeons from your dragons? A vorpal longsword from a bag of holding? A rag tag group of comedians are trying out Dungeons & Dragons for the very first time, live on stage at Giant Dwarf.

Join Ben Jenkins (The Checkout, Story Club), Alex Lee (The Checkout), Michael Hing (Good Game) and Simon Greiner (Cranston Cup Champion) as they roll dice, fail saves and possibly cause more problems than they solve in an original fantasy quest by David Harmon (Zedtown).

This all happens to the sweet sounds of music by Benny Davis (Axis of Awesome).

Dragon Friends is also a podcast.



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