Lady Sings It Better

Comedy, Musical comedy
Lady Sings it Better 2016
L-R: Maeve Marsden, Anna Martin, Fiona Pearson and Libby Wood

The comic quartet are back to spin cabaret gold out of the weird, wide and male-dominated world of pop-music, ahead of their Melbourne Comedy Festival season

This local all-lady troupe specialise in putting a femme spin on male-penned classics of the pop genre. Think the best ’90s mash-up medley you've never heard, and renditions of boy band choreography and Kanye lyics that will make you laugh/shudder.

This pre-Melbourne International Comedy Festival show combines their new show Story Time with a few old favourites; expect a celebration of Amy Winehouse, Whitney Houston, Dolly Parton and the Spice Girls – and a skewering of male pop icons.

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