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Panti Bliss

In her show High Heels in Low Places the Irish drag queen takes audiences back to her boyhood in a small town – and through her rise to queer activist

Irish drag queen and marriage-equality campaigner Panti Bliss (the alter ego of Rory O'Neill) is coming to Mardi Gras with her show High Heels and Low Places.

In his 4-star review of the show, Time Out London theatre critic Andrzej Lukowski described it as "a wise, hilarious, foul-mouthed jolt to the system", and wrote:

"It’s not a cabaret show at all, but rather an a very funny hour of autobiographical storytelling that is in essence a stand-up show by any other name. A stand-up comedy show with a lot of substance: it’s centred around Bliss’s unlikely elevation to Irish national icon after an anti-gay rights pressure group tried to sue her after she accused them of homophobia on national television. It is a brilliant, absurd story not widely known in Britain, and Bliss tells it with potty-mouthed glee and considerable wisdom in analysing the complainants’ motives.

It’s not in fact enough material for an entire hour, but the other bits of the show contain the same mix of barbed wit and hard-won wisdom: a video of the time she blagged her way onto a popular US chat show is absurdly hilarious; an eloquent, impassioned explanation of the purpose of drag culture is punch-the-air brilliant.

At first I was a little taken aback by the genuine lack of irony Bliss seemed to exhibit when describing herself as a ‘national fucking treasure’. By the end, I thought: too fucking right."

By: Time Out editors


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