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Story Club 2014 image feat Zoe Norton Lodge courtesy Giant Dwarf
Story Club 2014 image feat Ben Jenkins courtesy Giant Dwarf
Story Club 2014 image feat Ben Jenkins and Zoe Norton Lodge courtesy Giant Dwarf

Story Club fills the void of its spiritual – and actual – home, Giant Dwarf, with the sound of voices raised in tales of woah and/or woe

Every month the Story Gods (aka Ben Jenkins and Zoe Norton Lodge) pick a theme and offer up sacrificial celebrities on the alter of storytelling to wax lyrical in front of a crowd baying for blood or bard-iness.

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Ben Jenkins and Zoe Norton Lodge chat about Story Club

Story Club was founded when we were at university. Or when one of us was. Frankly, it was a while ago so the details are sketchy, but for the first four years of its life, Story Club's home was a small bar in the University of Sydney. It started mainly as a way for Zoe to test material for her creative writing assignments and for Ben to finally achieve the goal of delivering stand-up from the seated position. Since then things have gotten out of hand.

The idea behind Story Club remains simple: true stories told around a theme from a broad range of people. Since the inception, our chair has played host to the bums of poets, playwrights, academics, enigmatologists, journalists, sportspeople and the odd former Premier of NSW.

At its home in Giant Dwarf in Redfern, people grab a drink and listen to around half a dozen folks read from our story book, which is, if we're being honest, slightly too big to be practical.

In addition to the regular monthly events (that take place on the first Monday of every month), Story Club also does a bunch of satellite shows.

For something that began as an elaborate excuse for a bar tab all those years ago, Story Club now sells out surprisingly quickly. Book early if you want to be part of the magic.

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