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If you suddenly find yourself at Wynyard Station thinking 'I could really go a schooner brought to me by a woman in her underwear' then you are in luck. The Concourse Bar above the station has regular lingerie waitress services and also holds events called 'painted curves' where the staff have themed costumes applied in body paint.


Venue name: Concourse Bar
Address: Concourse Level Wynard Station 33 York St
Opening hours: Mon-Wed 10am-10pm, Thu-Fri 10am-late
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Convenient. Sells beer, offers food. Great service, waitress or otherwise. This place doesn't need a review, I only write this as I noted it had 1-star which is not a reflection of reality. Where else can you knock over a pizza and a beer and then be on your train in 30 seconds (if you're leaving from Wynyard!) . It's not a palace, and doesn't pretend to be one. Great venue, love it, get over yourself Nour.

Wosrt pub ive been to in a while. So I have just finished work at Barangaroo casino building and decided to go for a drink with a collegue on tuesday between 6pm and 6:30 the 11th of October. I walked in and ordered 2 top shelf drinks but the bartender asked me to remove my glasses so she can see my face if im underage, I removed it instantly and also asked her to check my ID as a piece of mind for her, she did and everything was cool.

So me and my friend we headed over to the poker machines area soonafter we were approached by a staff member and she asked if we wanted any drinks i said "no" but seconds after I called her back and asked for 2 scotch and cokes she replied "oh I thought you dont wanna drink " I said well I changed my mind is there anything wrong with that that ? She said "no".

I was a hospitality manager for a long time and that behaviour is exactly what bad customer service is, giving attitude to customers and not treating them well.

Anyway, as a hospitality manager I knew that she was gonna give me house spirits which are usually disgusting and give you headaches the next morning so I walked up to the bar and just got in time to tell her that I dont want house spirits she replied arrogantly again saying " sorry mate the transaction is alreay through" now from a customers perspective It was very rude because I never specified which scotch I wanna drink, from a managers perspective I wouldve cancelled the transaction straight away because I wouldve known that I would have ordered a top shelf drink which wouldve costed more which means more money for the pub but obviously she is too naive to realise that.

She proceeded to give me my money back and asked me to leave, I left but my friend wanted to go to the toilet so I went went back and she immediately approached me and said " sorry mate I asked you to leave so you have to leave the premisies" I looked at her very confused as I believed that I havent done anything wrong. So she said " do you wanna leave or should I call the cops ? " I said ok call the cops " so she picked up the phone and apparently called the police but I waited outside for almost an hour but no one turned up which makes me think that she didnt even call them.

Whatever I have said can be backed up by CCTV cameras and im willing to go to court for this matter, So I urge the licencee or oweners to contact me and work something out for the sake of their business because who knows how many people she has done it to and left unsatisfied and lost business because to be honest I was planning to stay there for a while.


Unsatisfied customer