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Four Next Wave shows are getting a Sydney showing at PACT

Want to see the future of dance and performance practice? Couldn't afford the ticket to Melbourne's Next Wave Festival? PACT Centre for Emerging Artists is showcasing four of the works, in a mini-festival called Afterglow. Each work is around 45mins-1hr – click through the Dates & Times tab to see the schedule of performances.

Amrita ‘Hollaback’ Hepi and NZ dancer and spoken word artist Jahra Wasasala collaborated to explore the experience of being someone with mixed cultural heritage, using vivid imagery, movement and spoken word.

Desert Body Creep
Dancer and choreographer Angela Goh reflects on the nature of the worm in our cultural imagination – it consumes nature, it digests, it shits out a new nature – in a humour-laced performance for person and giant gummi worm (literally). 

In his first full-length work, dancer/choreographer Thomas E.S. Kelly explores what it is to be a young urban Indigenous man. Kelly has danced with Shaun Parker & Co (Am I) and Vicki Van Hout (Long Grass), and is one to watch.

Mummy Dearest
Queer activist, performer, writer – Annaliese Constable knows how to tell a damn good (and darkly funny) story. In this autobiographical hour, she explores her childhood and her relationship with her alcoholic and depressive mum.

You can buy tickets to individual shows, or you can buy a $80 Afterglow ticket to see all four.



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