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[Sponsored] See two dancers perform an increasingly tense contemporary dance piece in a shrinking space

Two women dance on stage inside an increasingly small space. One is clothed, the other naked, both moving in perfect sync with the other. This is Split a fascinating work of contemporary dance by fearless Australian choreographer Lucy Guerin.

After a successful run in 2017 Split is returning to the stage to awe audiences with its stark but beautiful portrayal of power, vulnerability and synchronicity. Bringing Split to life on stage are dancers Melanie Lane and Lilian Steiner, the latter of which has won a Helpmann Award for best dancer in 2017 (with Melanie Lane nominated in the same category).

As the size of the area in which the dancers move decreases, the choreography becomes fraught with tension. Ambiguity surrounds the performance – are the dancers locked in an struggle? Are they in a relationship? Or are they two halves of the same person?

Split isn’t explicit in its meaning and it doesn’t need to be, with the powerful performances of Lane and Steiner enthralling audiences.Backed by a rhythmic and complex percussive score created by UK composer Scanner (real name Robin Rimbaud) Split is an hour of frantic, mesmerising contemporary dance.

The upcoming performance of Split is part of UnWrapped, a series showcasing some of Australia's top contemporary performances. You can view the rest of the UnWrapped line-up, book tickets and purchase food and beverage packages by visiting the Sydney Opera House website.

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