Polyester Scratch and Sniff Screening

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Photograph: Larry Dean/New Line Cinema

The odoriferous cult classic is back on the big screen for an encore screening

The Hayden Orpheum Cremorne presents another screening of John Waters' 1981 classic cult Polyester. The film's wacky plot involves housewife Francine (Divine) who's married to a cheating pornographer (Tab Hunter), a daughter who's knocked up, and a concerning son who has an interesting way of expressing his foot fetish. 

Francine's sense of smell plays an integral role in the plot and to enhance the experience of the movie Waters created a gimmick,"scratch-and-sniff." Audience members receive a card labelled one through ten, and are informed by the film when to scratch the numbers. The resulting fragrance could be roses, could be a skunk, or worse, but you have to sniff to find out.   

Odorama never caught on the way other crazes did, such as 3D – but the Orpheum's screening is one more rare opportunity to experience a famous interactive movie experience. It's definitely something Netflix doesn't offer. 

By: Jessie Morgan


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