Stranger Things Season 2 Australian Premiere

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Clip from Stranger Things Season 2

Sydney Opera House is screening a free preview of Stranger Things Season 2

Sydney Opera House is hosting a free fan screening of the first episode of season two. It’ll be the largest free fan event in the world and the official Australian premiere, just four days before Halloween. There’ll be two sessions on Friday October 27 at 10.30am and noon, which line up with the global LA premiere and will be hours before the season is available on Netflix.

The Opera House’s northern and southern foyers will be decked out with 1984 arcade games and spooky Upside Down decor. Dressing up is very much encouraged – and they’ll be serving up Benny’s Burgers to ward off those Eggos pangs.

Tickets are free and will be available to the public from 9am Friday October 13.

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