The Room at Hayden Orpheum Picture Palace

The Room at Hayden Orpheum Picture Palace

Time Out says

You're tearing me apart, Lisa

In 2003, Tommy Wiseau somehow got $6 million together to make his vanity project: a romantic drama about a banker (Wiseau) whose manipulative fiancee Lisa cheats on him. Inept in every department, from the excruciating acting to the dumb plotting and the astonishing narrative flaws, The Room also happens to be very, very entertaining: so bad that you can't stop watching. Hayden Orpheum holds cult screenings on the first Friday of every month.

These screenings show no sign of petering out. Indeed, every month the cult of The Room grows. Time Out can't recommend this movie highly enough. The James Franco film The Disaster Artist is about the making of The Room – but why go for the pale imitation when you can mainline the pure stuff?




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