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The Shining Jack Nicholson
Jack Nicholson in Stanley Kubrick's The Shining

The Ritz Directors series brings you the work of cinema's exacting genius

Many consider Stanley Kubrick (1928-1999) the greatest filmmaker of all time, and the fact we're still watching his movies fanatically is pretty compelling evidence in the affirmative. 

There's no better way to experience his work than on the big screen, and the Ritz Cinema is happy to oblige with this season of seven of the master's films showing on Sundays and Mondays in April and May, with all tickets just $12.

You don't get 2001: A Space Odyssey, The Killing, Lolita or Eyes Wide Shut, sadly, but you do get the still-astonishing black comedy of Dr Strangelove (1964); the funny and visually amazing period piece Barry Lyndon (1975); the kooky ultra-violence of A Clockwork Orange (1970); the iconic Vietnam movie Full Metal Jacket (1987); Kirk Douglas in devastating World War I tale Paths of Glory (1957); Biblical epic Spartacus (1960); and the horror movie to end all horror movies, The Shining (1980), in its extended edition.

Time Out doesn't have a critic's pick to single out here: they are all flat-out masterpieces. But that's what makes Kubrick Kubrick, after all.  

If you're a Kubrick virgin (lucky you!) we'd suggest A Clockwork Orange or The Shining as gateway films. If you're not into long movies, go Dr Strangelove. Kubrick is great for fans of dark comedy and perfectly composed shots, but be warned: he's not so hot on women characters. He's not misogynistic (despite the rapiness of A Clockwork Orange), he's just a bit male focused.

To see what is screening when and to book tickets, click on the Dates and Times tab above. 

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