Bambert's Book of Lost Stories

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A puppeteer performs onstage
Photograph: Jon Green

A lonely writer's imagination comes alive in this award-winning production

Bambert is a tiny and curious man who lives in a tiny and curious attic. He spends his days writing and the only friends he has are the characters he brings to life in his stories. But Bambert doesn’t know where his stories should be set, so he comes up with an idea. He attaches each of his beloved stories to a balloon and sets them out into the world. He includes some instructions – whoever finds the story must send it back with a stamp saying where it landed, that way Bambert will know where that story should take place.

As each story returns they leap off the page, full of inspiration from the distant places they’ve visited. However, it seems like the stories aren’t getting quite as far as Bambert thinks and his kind neighbour and narrator, Mr Bloom, might be the one who is really responsible for helping Bambert.

This intimate performance will leave you having to pick your jaw up off the floor. The beautifully designed puppets come to life in the gorgeous sets, in a theatre experience like stepping into a storybook. Based on Reinhardt Jung’s novella this production won the 2016 Helpmann Award for Best Children’s Presentation as well as receiving a nomination for Best New Australian work. The production centres around themes of friendship, loneliness and the power of imagination and creativity.

By: William Dunn

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