Billionaire Boy

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Cover image for book 'Billionaire Boy', boy jumping in money
Image: Tony Ross / Harper Collins

This adaptation of David Williams' hit kids' book makes its Aussie debut

Based on the bestselling novel by David Williams (one half of the comedy duo Little Britain) this sweet and uplifting story follows 12-year-old Joe. He and his Dad have more money than they know what to do with. Joe’s got everything a kid his age could want, including a golden underwater Ferrari and his own cinema. Life is pretty good for Joe, but it gets a whole lot harder as soon as he steps through the gates of his new school.

Joe is confronted by a school bully, his dad’s new girlfriend and the worst school canteen in the world. Joe’s search for a friend at his new school and the challenges he faces along the way force him to realise that there are some things that money can’t buy.

Coming to the Opera House for the world premiere of its Australian adaptation, Billionaire Boy uses music and plenty of laughs to examine issues including bullying, self-esteem and relationships. Everyone who attends gets their own golden underwater Ferrari (we wish).

By: William Dunn

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