Horrible Histories - Pirates: The Exhibition

Horrible Histories - Pirates

Batten down the hatches, the pirates are coming!

Horrible pirates take over the National Maritime Museum for an interactive exhibition based on Terry Deary and Martin Brown's popular books. Families will be challenged to take command of a pirate ship, design their own pirate flag and test out cannons, cutlasses and the wheel of misfortune. 

The exhibition will be true to the books’ foul facts, lively illustrations and gruesome games. Along the way, they’ll discover why pirate women were just as wicked as the men. They’ll learn about the ships they sailed on, the punishments they suffered and the rules they lived by.

It’ll include over 100 objects from real shipwrecks including coins, beads and a jug from the Batavia wrecked in 1629 following a mutiny. As it opens during the school holidays, look out for a full program of summer activities running in conjunction with the exhibition.

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