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A boy performs an acrobatic stunt
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This is a circus show with a difference

Kaleidoscope shows the world through the eyes of Ethan Hugh, a 13-year-old boy who was diagnosed at age four with Asperger's Syndrome. The performance uses circus techniques to tell the story inspired by a book written by Joanna Wharton, Ethan’s mum.

Ethan’s world comes to life through a captivating display of colour, music and awe inspiring acrobatics. This beautiful and moving story will help kids learn about perspectives and life experiences other than their own, as well as showing them that feeling lost or confused is nothing to be scared of. The performance focuses on themes of love and acceptance and celebrates the differences that help to define who we are.

The team behind this production, Company 2, will also be running circus workshops alongside performances of Kaleidoscope. They’ll show you how to juggle like a pro and leap like a flying acrobat.

By: William Dunn

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