Robot Song

Robot Song Theatre Works 2019 supplied
Photograph: Supplied

Time Out says

Difference is celebrated in this imaginative play about a young girl's experiences with autism

Robot Song is a play dedicated to sharing the importance of diversity, exploring the role of fantasy, and investigating the impacts of bullying. Based on a true story, it explores the journey of young Juniper May who receives a signed petition from her classmates verifying their hatred towards her based on her social differences – Juniper doesn’t like eye contact and speaks in an unusual manner.

Follow her journey as she transforms into a robot – a nickname given to her by her bullying peers – and escapes the troubles of her reality. While never explicitly mentioning autism, this family-friendly piece will provide important insights into the social experiences of children who are on the autism spectrum. Robot Song is designed to inform, entertain and show love and support for those who experience hardship from being different.


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