Tanabata: Star Village

Kids, Exhibitions Free
Mom and daughter reading wishes
Photograph: Haline Ly

Visit this free immersive art exhibition during the school holidays and learn to make your own paper artwork to add to the story

Tanabata is a Japanese legend which celebrates the story of two stars: Orihime (Vega), a heavenly princess who weaves clouds, and Hikoboshi (Altair), a cow-herder. The stars meet every year on July 7; during the rest of the year they're separated by the Milky Way. 

During this event, listen to a story about the star lovers and learn how to fold origami creations to take home. You can also write your wish on a wishing card to hang up on the bamboo sculpture in the Observatory or Powerhouse Museum.

The exhibition was created by Slow Art Collective, and it will build over the course of the holidays contributions from kids and adults visiting the exhibition. Japanese origami artist Midori Furze will visit the Powerhouse Museum for origami workshops each weekend. 

By: Becky Feigin

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