The Tragedy of Hamlet: Prince of Skidmark

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The Tragedy of Hamlet: Prince of Skidmark
Photograph: James Green

Any act that can shoehorn ‘skidmark’ into the title is going to be funny

The Listies have a proven record of being far more than just a good laugh – they’re cheeky, crude and clever too. Just watch the faces of the young audience and see how their eyes light up in disbelief at what they’re hearing, and cackle with laughter because grown-ups don’t normally talk about poo marks in their pants.

This 60-minute comedy version of Hamlet is designed for kids aged five and up, and it includes ghosts, castles, sword fights, fake blood, ninjas and zombies. It’s a ‘badaptation’ of Shakespeare’s tale, directed by Declan Green from independent theatre company Sisters Grimm (check it out, parents).

Matt Kelly and Richard Higgins, the duo behind the Listies, are working with the Sydney Theatre Company for the first time. We think it’ll be a match made in messy, mischievous mayhem.

By: Emma Joyce

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