Sydney Jewish Museum After Dark

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Sydney Jewish Museum After Dark
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The museum is open for monthly late night Thursdays throughout 2016

One of the most powerful and rewarding cultural experiences you can have in Sydney is a visit to the Sydney Jewish Museum. There are relics of Judaism in Australia and around the world; photos and objects from the Holocaust; and even guided tours by Holocaust survivors. In these times of international turmoil, the museum offers a sobering but also hopeful reminder of how Australia has reached out to help the persecuted and enriched itself in the process.

A visit here is simply one of those things every Sydneysider should do, although it can be a tricky one to work into the schedule. (They’re closed on weekday mornings while they install a new exhibition, on Saturdays of course for the Sabbath, and it may not be the first place you think about going on a sunny Sunday afternoon).

The museum recognises this and has made the call to stay open late on the first Thursday of every month and create special After Dark programs. They’re even throwing in a free glass of wine with museum entry.

The next After Dark night kicks off at 5pm on Thursday June 2. Visitors can hear from exhibition curator Shannon Biederman (at 7pm), who will talk about the current Signs of Life exhibition – a collection of letters and postcards written between family members torn apart by the Jewish exodus from Europe. Visitors can also take a self-guided tour through the Anne Frank exhibition, about the life and times of the young girl whose voice survived the Holocaust.  

CEO of the museum, Norman Seligman, says: “There is a need, today in particular, to understand the history, beliefs and cultural traditions of the diverse groups and individuals who make up Australian society and we hope that the late-night opening hours will help us become more accessible.”

Late night Thursdays will continue up until November. Be sure to pre-book online – entry is $15.


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