The Ideal Home

Museums, History
Image of artwork from the Penrith Regional Gallery exhibition.
Photograph Rob Little 'The Seat of Love and Hate' by Ex De Medici

Time Out says

Explore 100 years of life in Australian homes at this insightful exhibition

Whether it be issues surrounding homelessness, domestic violence, sustainable development or nomadic lifestyles, The Ideal Home finds a way to analyse the subject. The exhibition features watercolours, textile artwork, found objects and video installations which all provide commentary on the last century of evolution within Australian families and the concept of home. The Powerhouse Museum will house 45 objects from the MAAS collection along with newly commissioned pieces.

When visiting, you’ll find detailed work by eX De Medici that explores domestic violence using tiles made of bullet casings and a wall of flowers that wilt over the course of the exhibition; Blake Griffiths will consider material possessions and home in the age of excess by weaving a blanket with waste products; and Richard Goodwin’s micro-home built out of found objects will examine homelessness and the global refugee crisis. 


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