Andrew Weatherall

Music, Dance and electronic
British DJ Andrew Weatherall
Photograph: Alex Zalewska

The punk techno DJ is on the ones and twos for a five-hour set under the sails

Sydney Opera House is handing over the keys to the Studio for a five-hour set by legendary British techno DJ Andrew Weatherall. It’ll be the first summer Studio party at the House, which is usually reserved for Vivid Live takeovers in collaboration with party purveyors Goodgod, Future Classic or Astral People. This time it’s Picnic’s turn to shine with a thumping open-till-close rave under the sails. The punkest of veteran DJs is known for his eponymous annual festival in France, and for his electro record label Rotters Golf Club. His previous jaunts to Sydney sold out in a flash – including a sweaty Sydney Festival set and an eight-hour One Night Stand. Though you can expect a dirty four-to-the-floor, let’s not forget we’re in an iconic cultural institution in a lockout city – get in at 7.30pm for the full experience as kick out is at 1am.

Tickets are on sale at 9am, Friday September 29.

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