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Photograph: Renata Raksha

Time Out chats to one half of New Zealand’s break out electro pop duo

Since breaking out on the scene just two years ago, Broods have been quietly chipping away creating anthemic electro pop ballads, touring with Ellie Goulding and most recently making the big move to LA. Speaking from their new Californian abode Georgia Nott tells Time Out, “I’m such a homebody, moving away from my family was quite daunting.” But the transcontinental shift was made that much easier by her band mate and brother, Caleb Nott, with whom she has worked with since she can remember. “We’ve always kind of been a team, especially musically. I’ve been singing from a very early age and he’s been playing guitar since he was a toddler.”

The process was made easier by their close age (they’re just two year apart) and their complimentary personalities. “We’re almost polar opposites. It works because we work together as a team. It’s a dynamic we’ve had since we were tiny kids – we don’t really know any other way,” Georgia explains.

This working relationship has seen them craft their debut album Evergreen, and its spiritual sequel Conscious. Their second album picks off where their first left, but is imbued with a bigger sounds and bolder lyrics. This was a result of a lot of studio time. “We just experimented a lot and just tried to develop our sound.” To this end, the pair is ready to bring the album to life on stage. “When we writing it, we were always thinking about how we were going to play it live,” Georgia adds.

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