Buŋgul Sydney Festival 2020 supplied
© Priscilla Barrapami Yunipingu Priscilla Barrapami Yunipingu, 'Baru' (detail)

Time Out says

A celebration of the life and artistry of the great Dr G, shared and performed by his family and the Sydney Symphony Orchestra

On July 25, 2017, Australia lost one of the greatest musicians of our age: Geoffrey Gurrumul Yunupingu.

To celebrate his legacy and a remarkable musical gift that defied barriers and crossed cultures, this touching tribute to his talent has been created on Country in North East Arnhem Land. Part ceremony, part concert, this deeply moving, world premiere event pairs the songs of Gurrumul’s final, posthumously released album, Djarimirri (Child of Rainbow), with the songlines that have existed in his lands for thousands of generations, performed by members of Gurrumul’s family alongside the Sydney Symphony Orchestra.

The traditional songs, dances and forms of expression that inspired Dr G’s final record will also be performed by Yolŋgu songmen, their voices woven into the fabric of Gurrumul’s singular musical vision on the stage of the Sydney Opera House Concert Hall. 

Following the 6pm performance of Buŋgul – which has very purposefully been programmed on the evening of January 25 – members of the audience will be able to join the Procession as it heads to Barangaroo for The Vigil. A fitting conclusion for a performance celebrating the way Gurrumul’s art embraced diverse musical influences while enshrining the most essential parts of his Aboriginality, The Vigil offers a moment of reflection on the story of modern Australia and the ongoing impact of colonisation.


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