Cult Club

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Moody Beach
Photograph: Steven Saphore

Get your live music fix in this quarterly party held in a small Redfern barbershop

The concept of 'underground' gets flung around a lot in music media lexicon and Cult Club is super deserving of the descriptor. Showcasing emerging musicians in a small-capacity barbershop only four times a year, it's no wonder these tiny, rambunctious gigs have received attention. Held in store at Hair by Tommy J in Redfern, the purveyors of great short back and sides are also huge supporters of alternative culture and music.

This round see sets from Le Pie, The Knowgoods and Cult Club's own co-founder and curator Moody Beach. They'll also be slinging free Sailor Jerry's and Budweiser, so squeeze in quick, space is limited but worth it. 

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