H.E.R. Vivid Live
Photograph: Supplied

The woozy R'n'B sounds of the mysterious singer will fill the Opera House for Vivid

Off the back of two popular mixtapes (and potentially on the precipice of an album), H.E.R. is making her Australian debut. And, she's going straight to the top, skirting the smaller, grungier venues where International internet sensations usually emerge and plying us with her distinct R'n'B stylings from the Sydney Opera House stage.

The singer's identity is ambiguous, choosing to keep her private life private and often obscuring her face with shadows in videos and performances, a tool she uses to keep focus on the emotive qualities of her songs and imbuing H.E.R (ironically standing for "Have Everything Revealed") as a project with emblematic qualities. The aforementioned mixtapes have been getting a lot of celebrity flogging, publicly endorsed by Usher, Alicia Keys and Rihanna, and it's easy to see why. H.E.R.'s songs are addictive contemporary slow jams, using throbbing minimal trap production and seductive synths to bolster her sweet, pure vocals.  

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