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The band stands in front of a red backdrop.
Photograph: Supplied

Say Geronimo – these joy-filled pop kings and queens are coming to Sydney

The six Brisbanites who make up the chart-topping indie-pop band Sheppard have seen wild success since getting the troupe together in 2009. They’ll be bringing huge hits like ‘Geronimo’ and ‘Let Me Down Easy’ to Sydney in September as part of a nation-wide tour, introducing their 2018 album Watch the Sky, which debuted at number one on the Aria charts.

The new set seems to run on along a nostalgic line, with songs like ‘Coming Home’ and ‘Hometown’ emerging as standout numbers. And with all their close ties, a little pinning for home is understandable. The family band is led by Shepard siblings George, Amy and Emma, alongside guitarists Jay Bovino, Michael Butler and drummer Jared Tredly.

The group are known for their uplifting melodies, and the new set promises more good times at the Metro Theatre performance.

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