The Flaming Lips

Music, Rock and indie
The Flaming Lips dressed as characters from the Wizard of Oz
Photograph: George Salisbury

Time Out says

Celebrate 20 years of the psychedelic rockers’ seminal album, The Soft Bulletin

In 1999, the Oklahoma odd-balls known as the Flaming Lips released their ninth studio album The Soft Bulletin. It was branded by NME as Album of the Year at the time, and it’s considered the psychedelic rock group’s breakthrough success with singles ‘Waitin’ for a Superman’ and ‘Race for the Prize’ that have positioned them as leaders in the prog-rock genre.

To celebrate the twentieth anniversary of The Soft Bulletin, the Lips are bringing their elaborate, technicolour party to the Opera House for two nights in September and October. They’ll be performing the album that channelled all their weirdness with their signature wild stage presence – including props, costumes and confetti cannons. This will be their Sydney Opera House debut and tickets are expected to move quickly when they’re released on Friday June 7.


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