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A Sydney wine bar has launched Sydney's first sous-vide takeaway service

The traditionally French method ensures that flavour and spices soak deeply into each dish

Written by
Divya Venkataraman

Have you exhausted all the options on Uber Eats' recommended list? It might be time to mix up the way you do takeaway. In a first for this city, Middle-Eastern eatery Zigi’s Wine Bar as just started a sous-vide only takeaway service.

For those nodding your heads pretending you know what this means, sous-vide is a traditional, French method of cooking food in which ingredients are vacuum-sealed in a pouch, along with flavouring and spices, and then cooked low and slow in a hot water bath. The practice allows each flavour to infuse throughout the dish and makes meats extra tender.  And here's a pleasing sidenote: Zigi's vacuum-sealed pouches are 100 per cent compostable. 

Head chef Zigi Ozeri draws from his Israeli roots to make his meals shine. “I’m inspired by the simple but delicious food my mum prepared for me growing up,” he explained in a press release. “I’ve always wanted to combine this with the French technique of sous vide to create something that is healthy, super delicious and practical.”

The meals are perfect to keep in the fridge for a night when you want to whip up something fancy without all the fuss – they last from one to three weeks in the fridge and include combos like Egyptian-style skewers with spicy lemon cauliflower, vegetable tagine, and eye fillets served with kipfler potatoes and truffle. Meals range from $14-$25. Just reheat for three minutes and you're set. 

Order via the Zigi's website – or swing by their Chippendale joint for a glass of wine and a cheese platter in person.  

Want some dessert? You can now get these intricate pavlovas delivered to your door too. 

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