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Air quality index April 27
Photograph: Real-time Air Quality Index

Air quality warnings issued across Sydney as hazard reduction burns shroud city in haze

The controlled blazes around Wollongong have led to poor air quality across much of Greater Sydney

Maxim Boon

Much of Greater Sydney has been blanketed with smoke haze from three hazard reduction burns in the Wollongong region, south of the city.

As a result of the smoke, a number of air quality warnings have been issued across the city. Pollution in the Marrickville, Earlwood, Campbelltown, Bankstown, Lakemba and Dulwich Hill areas has been classed as “hazardous”, meaning any amount of time spent outdoors is strongly discouraged and outdoor exercise should be avoided.

The CBD, Kirribilli and Rozelle areas have a rating of “very unhealthy” meaning that prolonged periods outdoors should be avoided, while South Coogee, North Sydney and Chatswood have been rated “unhealthy”, meaning that outdoor activities and exercise should be avoided.

The worst air quality in Greater Sydney is in Harellan Vale, Rossmore, Bradbury and the areas in and around Wollongong. People living and working in those areas are advised to avoid spending time outdoors until hazard reduction burns conclude.

You can keep up to date on the air quality ratings in Sydney via the real-time air quality index.

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